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San Diego-children's choir, Pacific International Children's Choir
Who We Are

The One World Children's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that transcends boundaries in cross-cultural arts projects, reaching and empowering children in need and connecting children from different backgrounds. Watch a video about us!


Founded in San Diego, CA and open to members everywhere, members develop musicianship skills, language learning, and cultural awareness, and have the option to participate in global arts service projects as ambassadors. 

San Diego-children's choir, Pacific International Children's Choir
Our Mission

We seek to promote global unity through initiatives to educate and connect children and youth from differing backgrounds around the world. Using music as a medium, we give youth immersive cross-cultural experiences at home and abroad, with life-changing opportunities to serve as global youth ambassadors and serve with those in need through our growing partner programs. [Learn more about our mission]

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Unity Project in Mexico - This Is Me

Unity Project in Mexico - Home

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