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Our Mission

We seek to end prejudice and hate through initiatives to educate and connect children and youth from differing backgrounds around the world. Using music as a medium, we bring a high-quality arts education and place it in a cultural context, giving youth immersive cross-cultural experiences at home and abroad, with life-changing opportunities to serve as global youth ambassadors and connect with those in need through our growing partner programs around the world.


In a world too often divided by politics, religion, race, region, language, and other differences, too many people are becoming polarized and exclusive, cultivating bias and bigotry that limits our potential as a global society and poisons our interactions on a local level. Hate crimes continue and have even increased recently. Evidence shows that experiences with and especially in another culture helps enable children to crash through these barriers and gain and retain a broader understanding of the world and of their shared humanity. They will go on to become better citizens, better employees, better CEOs, better leaders, better co-workers and neighbors. They will lead a future where the many unique differences are known and embraced, and where shared humanity is cultivated.


We don’t seek to create a color-blind society, but one that sees, understands, and values the many vibrant and beautiful hues that make up the tapestry of our world. We are One World.

Bridges Beyond Borders

Our global projects create impactful cross-cultural music experiences to empower and serve children in areas of need around the world. One World ambassadors broaden their worldview and cultivate compassion. Founder & Director Dr. Aaron Mitchell, a Fulbright Scholar to Brazil with the U.S. Dept. of State, volunteered for two years in the Amazon rainforest and is committed to the value of global service.

Support our international projects and follow the life-changing stories. Whether as a volunteer or contributor, you can have a lasting impact on generations to come.

One World Music Ambassadors 

The One World Music Ambassadors & One World Children's Choir meet in San Diego, CA, Greenville, SC, and virtually, and have the option to participate in international service opportunities. Curriculum focuses on language learning, cultural awareness, and service learning. Members develop strong vocal, musical and language skills, broaden their understanding of various cultures, and cultivate a sense of compassion and service.  Join us! 

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