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Our programs have brought hope through the arts to over 1000 children and orphans


$20 a month can give a child in need access to arts 

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One World is currently active locally and internationally, bringing hope, music, and unity to children across borders.

Mexico Border Crisis project: Youth ambassadors meet and serve children in Mexico, learning and performing music with messages of unity. Past projects included "Home" by Phillip Phillips and music from "The Greatest Showman" in Spanish and English and have brought music classes and hope to to children in orphanages, local churches and choirs, and taught compassion, unity and shared humanity.

Amazon Climate project: Beginning with a four-month residency at Amazonas State University in 2019, we have reached children and youth in the Amazon region of Brazil through classes and clinics, organized a large virtual choir during the pandemic, and are partnering with local organizations to provide ongoing service to children at orphanages and to organize projects that connect our youth with local children, raising awareness to the unique needs, culture, and environmental initiatives in this critical region. 

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